Cages & Enclosures Installation Modesto

By definition, a cage is a structure made from bars or wires where animals may be kept or where items may be stored. On the other hand, an enclosure is defined as simply an area sealed off using a barrier. In the context of agricultural, commercial industrial, or even residential use, cages and enclosures do follow these general definitions. However, to be more precise, most cages and enclosures are structured as how we have defined cages here. The difference in most cases is that enclosures are much larger and occupy more space as compared to cages.

Cages and enclosure vary widely by purpose. This is why they also come in many different forms. Being very similar structures, they are both built with bars, wire meshes, or chain link. This gives them openings which are important in keeping contents of the cage or enclosure safe and dry. If the storage area is fully enclosed in a box-like manner, it may be difficult to protect the items from water trapping. This will not be ideal for the items commonly stored in cages and enclosures.

Cages and enclosures may be made from several materials, alone or in combination. Some are steel, wire, and chain link. For a more durable and rust-resistant option especially for outdoor applications, we recommend using galvanized steel. However, at Modesto Fence Company, there are many options available for you.

 Tools and Equipment cages

These are mainly used for storage. Best if availed in galvanized mesh wires. Also available in modular form.

Locker cages

These are for securely storing items like sports equipment and AV paraphernalia.

Batting cage

Batting tunnels are best for practicing with a pitching machine or a companion.

Safety enclosures

Used in many settings, including leisure and industrial places.

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