Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, Modesto Fence Company gladly informs you that we provide free estimates for any type of fence installation project. Getting an estimate prior to having the project commence gives property owners an idea regarding the cost and the schedule of the project so that they can adequately prepare for it. We have a very efficient estimation protocol. We take into account the prices of materials, the labor fess, and the expenses of the equipment. Usually, there will be additional expenses during the project itself which makes the estimate far from the actual project bill. However, it still gives good insight.

How soon can you install my fence?

We will have your fence installed as soon as we possibly can. However, we have to inform you that you may expect some waiting time to account for the procurement of materials and scheduling of your project. Normally, the installation can be started within two to four weeks. This can be extended by two or three weeks if there will be a need to allot some time for fabrication. The process is a lot faster for fences that are ready to install, like vinyl, chain link, and SimTek. We will inform you and regularly update you about the expected schedule.

How long will my fence installation take?

The fence installation process itself takes a lot less time that the time needed to be allocated for fabrication, procurement, and scheduling. Normally, the project can be completed within the span of one week. However, not all seven days of the week would be filled up with fence installation activities. Some days must be left out in between working days, where no work is done. This time is meant for letting the materials for the fences cure, settle, and dry up. Cement commonly needs this waiting period. We will make sure that the installation is properly scheduled, and we will inform you if there will be any changes.

Will you obtain a fence permit for my project?

Fence installation projects by fence builders like Modesto Fence Company are subject to regulatory measures by local agencies ang governing bodies. Because of this, we are required to file some documents and fill out some forms to get the needed permits for your project. There are projects where more than one permit will be needed. This is true for areas with much stricter zoning ordinances. While we as the fence company will facilitate the main activities for the acquisition of permits, the property owners will have to provide us with some papers, documents, and signatures to help us file the permits.

What types of fencing materials do you install?

Modesto Fence Company has all sorts of fence installation materials, from the most conventional ones to the newest ones. We offer choices that range from the weakest and the cheapest to the toughest and priciest to make sure that all fence needs at each price point can be attended to. Some of the most cost-effective sorts of materials we have are chain link, vinyl, and SimTek. We also offer options that are a little pricier like steel, aluminum, and brick. Most of these have more than one defined structure and style. This gives you the liberty to modify them according to your needs.

Are there legal restrictions on my fence?

While you have a wide margin of liberty for the fence type you want to have installed, there may be some limitations on it depending on what laws are in effect at the location of your property. Some zoning ordinances will restrict the built of fences including its type, height, placements, and in some cases even color. So, if there is a restriction as such in place, you will not be allowed to have an excessively tall fence built. It will be better to check if there are restrictions like this in your area so that you can tailor your expectations.

Do I need to consult my neighbors?

A property owner who is going to have a fence project started is generally not obligated to disclose all the details of their fence job to their neighbors. There is no “need” to consult with your neighbors. However, the Modesto Fence Company still highly encourages you to at least inform the people living near your area about the nature of the project that you are about to begin. You and your neighbor share some common spaces, so commotion in your area may also affect them. Therefore, even if it is not required, it would be best to consult your neighbors.

How deep should my fence posts be?

The depth of the fence posts is normally set relative to the actual height of the fence to be installed aboveground. It follows that a tall fence will need a deeper post, while a shorter one can be supported by a more shallowly fitted fence post. For our usual projects, the average fence post depth that is applicable is at around three feet. This is based on the estimate that the standard depth of the post should measure around thirty to fifty percent of the actual height of the fence. For a six to eight feet fence, this is enough.

Should the fence touch the ground?

No, our experienced crew at the Modesto Fence Company recommends against having fences that are in contact with the ground. For fences, only the posts should be in direct contact with the ground. The rest of the fence panels should have at least a minimum of two inches away from the ground, up to around half a foot to still maintain security and privacy. If the fence panels are constantly in contact with the soil, there can be increased risk of damages as caused by moisture. Wood is particularly susceptible to this. Avoid doing this to prevent needing extra repair expenses.

Does the weather affect the installation?

Many factors can affect the fence installation process itself. Some factors such as availability of personnel and equipment can affect the flow of the installation process. However, we do careful planning to keep these under control. The prevailing weather conditions may also impact the fence installation process. Heavy rains and strong winds are the usual events that can greatly affect the project processes. Unfortunately, we have less control over this compared to the other factors. Our experienced crew at the site would know when to call for temporary pause if the weather conditions become unsuitable to carry out the installation.

What materials should I use for my fence?

Modesto Fence Company offers the full range of materials imaginable for your fence installation needs. You can choose the material which will best suit your circumstance in terms of budget, needs, and preferences. If you have no item in mind yet, our staff and crew can walk you through the process of choosing to discuss the pros and cons for you. If your have a limited budget, we can narrow down your options to what is feasible. On the other hand, if you have a specific aesthetic in mind, we can also give you a more tailored selection to choose from.

How tall should my fence be?

Normally, your preference in fences will be the main determinant of how tall your fence should be. There is no benchmark or guideline that sets the exact fence height. However, there is a usual measurement that we follow. This is mostly applicable because we now have a lot of premade fence panels these days. The three size measurements are either three feet, six feet, or eight feet. Among these, the most common ones used are either six or eight feet which is found in usual backyards. On the other hand, three feet ones can be found in lawns for better visibility.

How long will the fence last?

Each fence material available has a set expected lifespan which is dictated by the attributes of the substance itself. Therefore, some materials can last longer than others and that is just the way it is. In general, across all fence materials, an acceptable lifespan is at about fifteen to twenty years. This can be longer or shorter depending on the material itself and on the maintenance and procedures carried out for your fence. Specifically, wooden fences require more meticulous efforts than others since it needs to be repainted regularly and treated periodically with chemicals like sealants to prevent termite infestation.