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The traditional function of fences is to provide an enclosure for your property to give that extra boost of security and privacy. But then, there are special kinds of fences that serve special purposes. Among these special fences is the guard rail.

Most of the time, the functions of the guard rail are dictated by its location. The general function of guard rails is to serve as markings that delineate boundaries. Guard rails are most commonly found in roadsides. It is not unusual to find them at the edges of cliffs, but they can frequently be seen also near properties adjacent to roads. In these instances, guard rails serve more for safety rather than for privacy and security.

In all, guard rails are not really meant to serve for privacy. They are usually at a lower height than the common fences. Moreover, they are designed to let more light through as an additional safety factor in terms of visibility.

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Road accidents are not uncommon. Especially in certain weather conditions, the road can become slippery, causing fast-moving cars to slide off the highway. They can ram into vehicles in another lane, to oncoming traffic, and even into people and buildings near that part of the highway.

Having an errant vehicle go like this is very dangerous. Many people especially on the roadside properties may be injured. Moreover, the damages it may cause may amount to thousands of dollars. To prevent these outcomes, it is important to have properly installed guard rails in place.

A good guard rail can stop a vehicle that has gone in the wrong direction. If it cannot be stopped, the guard rail can at least slow it down, minimizing the damage it may cause. Guard rails may be made of different materials including steel, wood, and cables.

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