Cedar Wood Fence Installation Modesto

Nothing completes a beautiful home better than an equally attractive fence. These days, exterior design has been deemed to be as important as interior design in many ways. In some cases, exterior design may even be more important especially for prospective buyers.


Speaking of beautiful exteriors and fences, one of the fence types that can add significant class and style to your property is a fence made from cedar wood. No other fence type can offer a look so classic yet natural.

Wooden fences may seem old-fashioned. However, they are old-fashioned in a good way. A more appropriate term would be “timeless.” Not only do cedar wood fences provide competitive security and privacy features, they are also great contributors in the aesthetic aspects.

Cedar wood fences can come in various forms. For those who prioritize privacy above all else, there is a privacy cedar wood fence option. This is composed of cedar wood planks nailed together side by side with no gaps in between. On the other hand, if you are searching for something that can add more visual flair, there are ornamental cedar wood fence options for your convenience. These are available in various designs.

There are many types of wood. So why is cedar the prime choice for fence applications?

Cedar has properties that are among the most outstanding compared to other wood types. It is inherently harder than most other wood types. Moreover, it is more durable and can last for many long years at a very slow rate of rotting.

Many homeowners have reservations about choosing wooden fences because it may break, splinter, warp, or blister. Thankfully, compared to other wood types, cedar is more resistant to this. Furthermore, it has natural repellent properties against termites.

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