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When fences come to mind, what we often think are metal, wood, and chain link. These are some of the common traditional fence materials we usually see. However, when the main purpose we have for having a fence built is to enclose our space, we may also think about having a concrete wall built.


Concrete walls however, become an unrealistic option when we funds are the main consideration. Concrete walls, specially in many linear feet of length would cost a fortune. If you want the stone wall appearance and the benefits of a concrete fence without breaking the bank, consider getting a SimTek fence instead.


Appearance-wise, it is hard to differentiate a SimTek fence from a real concrete wall from an unassuming eye. This is possible even if they are made of very different materials. Moreover, SimTek fences can came in many color ways including gray, black, brown, granite, and many others. The coloring is mixed with the material itself, lessening the risk for fading.

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In place of stones and rocks, SimTek fences are composed of polyethylene plastic that has been reinforced with an internal skeleton of galvanized steel. Of course, this polyethylene plastic is not as hard as stone, but it is highly durable and able to withstand repeated impacts and heavy forces.

When compared to wood, SimTek does not readily crumble, break, bend, or deform. It can withstand adverse weather conditions like heavy downpours, strong winds, extreme heat, and direct sunlight. It is very rare for SimTek fences to be damaged by the sun since it has anti-UV coating.

To add, some additional benefits of a SimTek fence is that it can offer some degree of soundproofing, just like a concrete fence. Moreover, its usual form is the gapless types which is best for privacy reasons. 

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