Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation Modesto

Who does not want a fence that is durable and long-lasting? Most of the time, these are the main attributes that people look for when they are looking into having a fence built. Through the years, metal has been a prime material for this purpose. When property owners ask for a fence that can last for many years, and can withstand weathering, the answer is often a metal fence.

However, there has been a question on just how long a metal fence can last. This is especially the case when the fence in question is a wrought iron fence. While these iron fences are beautiful and sturdy, there comes a time when the bars form crusts of corrosion. The rusting process is not only unsightly. It also affects the durability and the integrity of the structure. Hence, the long lastingness of iron fences has been in question.

In response to this, steel and aluminum entered the fencing scene. Unlike iron, both steel and aluminum have resistance to rusting. For one, steel is derived from iron too. it has been combined with carbon to form an alloy. 

But since it still contains iron, the risk of rusting is not absolutely zero. However, unlike iron, steel can be protected adequately by chemical coatings that prevent rust formation.

Still under the topic of corrosion, aluminum also serves as a very attractive alternative. Unlike steel, aluminum is an element of its own and is not derived from iron. Therefore, it has that extra advantage of being almost completely resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it has a glossy finish that offers an aesthetic advantage.

Both metals can also be made into various designs. Modesto Fence Company also offers ornamental steel and aluminum fencing. Therefore, with steel and aluminum, you get durability, long lastingness, and aesthetics all together.

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