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About Us

Modesto Fence Company is homegrown fence installation business based in Modesto, California.  We are a company providing top quality fencing services and more. We offer installation of premade fence panels, customization of fences, and other related structures like cages, enclosures, and hand railing.

We have a team of expert crew and well-trained administration staff.

A team of expert crew and staff

If you own a property and you need a team of expert crew and staff to manage a fence installation project in Modesto for you, we will be glad to help. Modesto Fence Company is the frontline choice of many home and commercial property owners for everything and anything fences. For a free estimate we are one call away at 209-231-7679, and we are at your service.

Normally, fences are seen outside homes, within the perimeter, as if enclosing the structures inside it. People have fences built around their properties for various reasons. The main ones are of course, to keep their place secure and to get a little more privacy for themselves. Most of the time, a simple no-frills fence can get the job done.

However, this may be a problem for some people if they are afraid that their fences might make their homes look stern and prison-like instead of a homey and comfortable place to live in. These days, every fence company in Modesto takes this into consideration. It has been very unusual for any company not to offer aesthetic and decorative fence options.

Aesthetics is a very important purpose of a fence.

If we analyze it more thoroughly, we will realize that in a way, aesthetics is a very important purpose of a fence. Nothing brings a homeowner more pride and delight than having an attractive fence installed. This is taken to a whole new level when the fence matches the property. In this way, a fence becomes an investment since they boost curb appeal. An augmented curb appeal attracts prospective buyers which makes your home not only more saleable but also more valuable. Fence builders in Modesto like us know just the right fence that would perfectly suit your residential or commercial property.

Fences not just in Modesto but in all of America grew in popularity when the early settlers started owning lands for themselves. Here we see just how important fences are to us in both the historical and cultural context. In those days, the main function of the fences they put up is to mark the piece of land which they would register under their names. Hence ownership was the very purpose they had their fences put in place. This is not very much different from our setting today. While the main purpose for us is privacy and security, the less direct reason for having fences installed is also for ownership.

It is the owner’s duty to install their own fences for their lot

Before the industrial revolution and before any good technique, material, or equipment were available, it is the owner’s duty to install their own fences for their lot. Times were a lot simpler back then. You would need nothing more than pieces of wood and maybe some rope or wires. There was no need to be precise and careful. As long as the fence stands, you are good to go.

However, this is no longer the case today. You might be deluded that fitting a fence post on the ground is a simple task that any untrained person can do. We do not recommend you to try this because more often than not, you will be frustrated with the result. Installing a fence is not a task that can be taken lightly and that can be accomplished haphazardly. There is just too much that can go wrong, which can necessitate repairs or reinstallation in the future. Therefore, for any fence job, we cannot overemphasize the need to hire a good and experienced fencing company in Modesto.

With three decades in the fencing industry, Modesto Fence Company is your best choice when it comes to fence installation projects in all settings. Our experience and our clean track record are hard to beat and are something we are proud of. Having served countless satisfied patrons in our many years in this field of service gives us inspiration and drives us to work harder and do better for the benefit of more. If you are in Modesto, handling fencing services for you will be our pleasure. For a free estimate, just dial 209-231-7679.

We offer you a selection of fence materials and fence types

We offer you a selection of fence materials and fence types to help cater to your unique needs and requirements. We have chain link, cedar wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and SimTek among others. Our fences can be designed to fit your setting, be it residential, industrial, commercial, or even agricultural. We can have them customized for you according to the unique needs you have. in addition, we also offer special fences for sports venues like backstops for ballparks and tennis court fences.

Other than fences, we also offer some related structures like cages, enclosures, guard rails, dock parts, gate operators, and dumpster enclosures. We even provide temporary fencing for your interim needs.

 In connection with these, we also source the machinery, tools, and equipment we use from known capable providers.

Being in the field for thirty years, we know that aside from choosing the fence material and doing proper maintenance, the manner of fence installation from the very beginning is one of the factors that can influence how long a fence will last.

We have emphasized from here on out just how sensitive of a business fence installation is. 

Building fences since the year 1990, we have our expertise and experience behind us to make sure that you can count on for everything and anything fences and beyond.

For inquiries, call us at 209-231-7679 today.


We never compromise on quality

The brand of Modesto Fence Company is that which never compromises quality. To uphold this, we only get the materials we use for our fences from the most trustworthy names of suppliers in our area. This is also one way of ensuring that the fence we will install for you would last.


We Follow Government Laws

Every fencing project in Modesto is subject to government laws, which is why it is necessary for us to file documents and get a permit. This is also one of the ways we can guarantee customer protection. We deliver high quality services that is also accompanied by top of the line customer service from our well-trained staff of professionals.

Vinyl Fence Installation

One of the most widely used fence material today is vinyl. Nowadays, it has proven itself to be competent enough for residential and commercial applications such as that it pars with traditional materials like wood, metal, and chain link in terms of popularity.When you come to think of it, vinyl fences have not been around for too long, but it has already proven its value and utility.

SimTek Fence Installation

When fences come to mind, what we often think are metal, wood, and chain link. These are some of the common traditional fence materials we usually see. However, when the main purpose we have for having a fence built is to enclose our space, we may also think about having a concrete wall built. Concrete walls however, become an unrealistic option when we funds are the main consideration.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation Modesto

Who does not want a fence that is durable and long-lasting? Most of the time, these are the main attributes that people look for when they are looking into having a fence built. Through the years, metal has been a prime material for this purpose. When property owners ask for a fence that can last for many years, and can withstand weathering, the answer is often a metal fence. However, there has been a question on just how long a metal fence can last.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, Modesto Fence Company gladly informs you that we provide free estimates for any type of fence installation project. Getting an estimate prior to having the project commence gives property owners an idea regarding the cost and the schedule of the project so that they can adequately prepare for it. We have a very efficient estimation protocol. We take into account the prices of materials, the labor fess, and the expenses of the equipment. Usually, there will be additional expenses during the project itself which makes the estimate far from the actual project bill. However, it still gives good insight.

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

We will have your fence installed as soon as we possibly can. However, we have to inform you that you may expect some waiting time to account for the procurement of materials and scheduling of your project. Normally, the installation can be started within two to four weeks. This can be extended by two or three weeks if there will be a need to allot some time for fabrication. The process is a lot faster for fences that are ready to install, like vinyl, chain link, and SimTek. We will inform you and regularly update you about the expected schedule.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

The fence installation process itself takes a lot less time that the time needed to be allocated for fabrication, procurement, and scheduling. Normally, the project can be completed within the span of one week. However, not all seven days of the week would be filled up with fence installation activities. Some days must be left out in between working days, where no work is done. This time is meant for letting the materials for the fences cure, settle, and dry up. Cement commonly needs this waiting period. We will make sure that the installation is properly scheduled, and we will inform you if there will be any changes.

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

Fence installation projects by fence builders like Modesto Fence Company are subject to regulatory measures by local agencies ang governing bodies. Because of this, we are required to file some documents and fill out some forms to get the needed permits for your project. There are projects where more than one permit will be needed. This is true for areas with much stricter zoning ordinances. While we as the fence company will facilitate the main activities for the acquisition of permits, the property owners will have to provide us with some papers, documents, and signatures to help us file the permits.

5) What types of fencing materials do you install?

Modesto Fence Company has all sorts of fence installation materials, from the most conventional ones to the newest ones. We offer choices that range from the weakest and the cheapest to the toughest and priciest to make sure that all fence needs at each price point can be attended to. Some of the most cost-effective sorts of materials we have are chain link, vinyl, and SimTek. We also offer options that are a little pricier like steel, aluminum, and brick. Most of these have more than one defined structure and style. This gives you the liberty to modify them according to your needs.