About Us

Modesto Fence Company is homegrown fence installation business based in Modesto, California.  We are a company providing top quality fencing services and more. We offer installation of premade fence panels, customization of fences, and other related structures like cages, enclosures, and hand railing. We have a team of expert crew and well-trained administration staff who help us deliver our services from estimation and planning to installation and finalization.

We have made it our mission to provide our patrons with the highest level of quality of fence installation services at reasonable and market competitive prices. We do not offer prices beyond the market suggested rates. Moreover, we do not outrageously underprice our items and services to avoid delivering substandard services.

Having been in the business for thirty years, it is also our goal to sustain our success in the industry by guaranteeing our customers with beyond satisfactory fence services in Modesto. In this way, we have ensured repeat and referral projects since starting our business in the year 1990. We pay attention to every tiny detail of every project, no matter how small. Moreover, our crew and staff demonstrate unparalleled professionalism and business-minded attitudes.

Speaking of professionalism, we at the Modesto Fence Company follows the highest standards of work ethics. We make sure that everything we do is done in the spirit of integrity, honesty, and fairness. This is applicable not only with our relationships with our customers, but also with the partnerships we build with our suppliers and professional associates.

As a company, we believe that we could not have made it this far from our humble beginnings without the hard work of our respectable employees. Therefore, it is also our mission to foster an honest, helpful, and harmonious work environment for the people we employ. In turn, they help us deliver premier services to you through their extraordinary craftsmanship, outstanding workmanship, and dedication to their service.

We have conquered company milestones and have surely come a long way from the humble beginnings we had since starting up in thirty years ago. In all these decades, we have installed countless fences for numerous happy clients. We could not be happier seeing than many of these fences we have installed lasted for so many years.

Through the years, as many fences we have built, we have also built the trust of many people in our name. We have gathered experience in the business no other fence company in Modesto has. Apart from the intensive training our crew and staff have, experience remains to be our best teacher.

Despite being an experienced fence company and having many years in the service behind us, we still recognize how important it is for a company like us to trend with the tides. Our world is constantly changing, and so is the fencing industry. Therefore, we make it our goal to keep our catalog of products up to date, and our techniques and instruments renewed and modernized periodically.

For your inquiries, call us at 209-231-7679 and get a free estimate.